Do you know these English enlightenment secrets?


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Speaking of English enlightenment, this is a topic that parents cannot avoid. Almost every parent will encounter confusion on this issue. After all, language enlightenment is more of a knot and pain for many parents than other types of enlightenment.

When thinking of English, parents nowadays will choose better technology products to help themselves. In addition to a large number of English enlightenment apps, there are also English animations, reading pens and reading books. These tools have basically become the golden partners used by many parents to deal with English enlightenment.

At present, there are many "English Enlightenment" products on the market. From the perspective of supply and demand, it does reflect the urgent needs of parents for English Enlightenment products. Although the demand exists, there are few good products that can be built from the perspective of children's cognitive growth laws and the real understanding of English enlightenment.

reading pen,audio books,educational toys, logical training toys for kids,language learning books

Let's take a look at the shortcomings of the current English enlightenment points in the market.

Speaking from the point of reading. At present, most English enlightenment readings are only at the simple reading level of clicking words and making sounds, which is nothing more than books with well-known reading pens. Although it is a well-known children's book, it just stays at the level of clicking a word and making a sound, and clicking other patterns has no sound effects. For young children and new English children, it may not be too crude. This kind of reading, don't speak English for enlightenment, I am afraid that the child will not even have the interest to click again.

reading pen,audio books,educational toys, logical training toys for kids,language learning books

But this does not mean that children do not like English enlightenment, but that such English enlightenment is too boring. It goes against the nature of children and does not follow the laws of children’s cognitive development. It is itself a "quick freeze" used to meet the needs of parents. Parents who have bought this kind of Reading Books must have a deep understanding of it.

In a country where English is not a native language, bilingualism is an inevitable language problem. Children also live in their mother tongue for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the objective language environment of English Enlightenment.

The bilingual setting can be switched freely by clicking to read, which is more convenient for children to learn flexibly. At the same time, it can also increase the learning value of English Enlightenment Encyclopedia.

The themes and scenarios are originally very important in English enlightenment, but this requires a certain amount of effort in the planning of the reading content. Special editors and planners are required to synchronize designs from different dimensions such as painting, dubbing, and text. Therefore, the investment of time and brainpower is often large. It is precisely because of this that many English enlightenment readings can't talk about themes and scenarios at all, and ultimately fall into the specifications of traditional vocabulary books.

reading pen,audio books,educational toys, logical training toys for kids,language learning books

For children, the lack of themes and situations will greatly reduce their understanding and mastery of English vocabulary and even language thinking. This kind of reading finally made English enlightenment embark on the old road of rote memorization.

Click to read was originally an interactive technology based on voice interaction. Through voice, a single plane paper book gave vitality and interactive feedback.

Click to read itself is a sound transmission game. If the child is involved in reading, it will make him more immersive and participate, and through the guidance of voice, the child can complete a series of exploration and learning independently.

But in the same way, it also requires children to spend more time and brainpower to develop and polish in depth, so as to produce a magical reading effect. From this point of view, many English enlightenment sites are more of a simple audio book level, and the dimensions are still single.

reading pen,audio books,educational toys, logical training toys for kids,language learning books

Click to read is a cross-border product of learning and gaming. But often many products only focus on learning and not on fun. For children who are users of reading products, too much emphasis on learning will inevitably increase the burden on children. Many parents originally expected their children to play for 3 years, but the children may not be able to play for 3 hours. In fact, the problem is not with children, but with the product, in order to cater to parents' expectations for children's learning, forgot to consider the sense of fun that is indispensable in children's reading experience.

Audio books are used to help children improve the efficiency of English enlightenment, not to let parents go away. With some reading, for parents, it really relieves a lot of enlightenment pressure. Although reading gives children the key to open the enlightening world, this does not mean that English enlightenment has become a matter for the child alone. On the contrary, parents still need to actively participate. And good English enlightenment products should take this into consideration. The English enlightenment with parent-child interaction will be more effective.

Fortunately, many new English enlightenment books have already noticed these shortcomings, bringing fresh air to this lively but not refined market. "ENGLISH ENLIGHTENMENT INTERESTING COLLECTION" newly developed by Babygrow is a good evolution product. It is completely different from the previous English enlightenment reading. Just looking at the paper preparation, you can understand that it is born with its own protagonist aura:

reading pen,audio books,educational toys, logical training toys for kids,language learning books

1. Two open books for reading: Fun English Words + Mother Goose

2. Hand-painted by the Central Academy of Fine Arts team, over 600 exquisite illustrations

3. The whole book can be read, including more than 70 read games

4. 22 life themes, over 500 English vocabulary for enlightenment

5. 24 songs of Mother Goose, new arrangement, able to grind ears and record and sing

After two years, Babygrow integrated publishing power and developed in depth, and the underlying strength can be called hard core.

To create an excellent English enlightenment point reading product, spanning children's drawing, dubbing, bilingual editing, point reading production, children's publishing and other fields. It is a truly cross-border education product, and it requires deep investment to achieve excellence.

This is a new English enlightenment reading that is completely re-planned, re-drawn, re-dubbed, and re-done in-depth reading game development. The brand-new production makes it have hard core strength from the bottom, giving mothers a brand new choice.