How to Take Good Care of Children


Recently, the 32nd Olympic Games are in full swing in Tokyo. Players on the field are vying for gold medals for the glory of the country. At the same time, while we are cheering for the players, we can see a lot of veterans, who are still full of spirits and sharpness. At the same time, many young and immature faces appeared in front of the public. The small body is indeed full of great energy. Perhaps many parents will tell the children beside them that we should learn from him when they are watching the Olympics. How much did it take to cultivate him? How can parents of ordinary families take good care of their children?

Regarding how to care for the growth of children, each country has a different understanding, as long as the child is healthy? Is it enough for the child to have enough food and clothing?

The following suggestions may give you better inspiration.

Material conditions are the foundation

Caring for the growth of children requires support in many ways, among which material support is indispensable. It doesn't have to be rich and expensive, at least it can prevent children from worrying about daily life at such a young stage. At the same time, it will also consider giving children more interesting and fun teaching aids, rich toys, reading pens, audio books, etc.

A Caring Environment

If the environment around the child is particularly caring, then the child will likely become a caring person. We say that the growth of a child not only needs to improve his ability, but also needs to improve his empathy. Only in this way can it be cultivated. Bring out a talent with excellent quality in all aspects. Talking about your children endlessly, giving them a kiss, or giving them a reassuring smile and saying "I love you"

1. For a baby, this is a source of security;

2. For a toddler, this means providing them with endless encouragement;

3. For a school-age child, this means that parents give them confidence in this lesson of life. For young people, this means making recommendations in a timely and wise manner.

Most importantly, we must maintain a stable, reliable and careful way of expressing our love in our children's lives. This means spending a lot of high-quality time, which also means developing good family etiquette.

Nothing is more ordinary and noble than being a good parent, and nothing is more proud of us than parents guiding their children to grow stronger and make changes.


When the child is making noisy, many parents will think of stuffing the child back into the stomach, and occasionally they may say something that hurts the child's heart, "It is better to have a piece of barbecued pork". But the parents themselves did not grow up like this. When facing troublesome and ignorant children, don't worry, stay patient, and mute in your heart "The child is born by himself, and his naughty now is the self he used to be", so maybe your anger can be calmed down. This makes us think deeply, do we really take care of the safety of our children?

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Necessary Parent-Child Time

The child grows up slowly, and the parents are also busy, and cannot accompany the child all day long. But time is squeezed out. No matter how busy parents are, they must spend effective and high-quality parent-child company with their children, even for 20 minutes, accompany the children to chat about kindergarten or school, play games, etc., and let the children know that you love him. In addition, games are also a way for children to get rid of the troubles of life.

Parents who are busy at work may think that they don’t have time to play with their children, but games can actually relieve the stress of our busy lives. When we are joking with children, we will find that our body and mind suddenly have more energy.

After all, games allow us to enter the world of children and establish a deep and lasting parent-child relationship. Don’t worry about playing some rare games with your children every time. You can choose some educational toys as required to have more interactivity, such as building blocks, reading pens, audio books, etc. to enhance the interaction between parents and children

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Give your child some time to be alone

Not only do parents need separate time, but children also need it. Alone time does not require you to use ipad, TV, etc. to keep your children quiet. Instead, it allows children to enjoy free time without the presence of their parents, allowing them to read, play with toys, or even play outdoors and make new friends.

Teach children to understand right and wrong

Children are ignorant, right and wrong views are just to be established, and you are the architect of children's right and wrong views. You have to tell your child what is right or wrong, and you have to show your child through action and practice, so that he can clearly know what behavior is correct and what behavior is unacceptable. Don't just hold on to the idea that "he is still young and ignorant, and he will definitely be able to change it later" because the child is young. The earlier the concept of right and wrong is established, the greater the impact on the child.

Cultivate a Habit

Children's self-discipline is not as strong as their parents, but self-discipline needs to be cultivated from an early age. Parents should consciously train their children to do certain things, such as reading and exercising. Repeat many times to develop a good habit of regularity. To cultivate children's behavior habits, we must start small and grasp the subtleties. "Don't take evil for small things, don't take good things without doing nothing", "details determine success or failure" are all the truth.

Every child is an independent individual, with different personalities, different family backgrounds, and different educational methods. How do you find the most suitable educational method for your children? The best way is to discover by yourself, what do you think?