Advantages and characteristics of the pen


The reading pen's original automatic voice teaching mode is based on novel and interesting cartoons. The real human voice is used as a medium to help children learn history, learn English, listen to stories and play games with colorful cartoon dramas. Integrate learning and entertainment, improve children's interest in learning, enhance concentration, develop good study habits, and no longer have to worry about children not learning and disobedient. In English learning, the introduction of Cambridge English Enlightenment, Li Yang Crazy English, New Concept Kindergarten English, Disney Scenario English and Earth Family English, etc., allows children to easily learn in a sound environment.
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Easy to operate

The pen can be used to make a wonderful sound with a single click. You can make different sounds in different places on the book, read Chinese characters in Chinese characters, read pinyin in pinyin, tell stories in stories, and sing songs. Really realize where you don't know where to make your child smarter and smarter.

happy learning

The children's point pens turn the ordinary practice into a game interaction through the game setting with voice feedback, which greatly enhances the child's learning interest, improves the child's learning enthusiasm, and makes the child learn easily and happily. Let the children find happiness in their studies. It can also mobilize the child's thinking logic ability, let him learn to think independently and develop his brain.

Entertaining and learning

Reading pens into practice can greatly enhance your child's interest in learning and make children learn easily and happily. Let the children learn in entertainment, learn to entertain, learn to play both correctly. Let the children fall in love with learning.

reading pen,audio books,educational toys, logical training toys for kids,language learning books

Sensory transfer

Let the child change from "I want you to read" to "I want to read"

Point-and-click pens follow the trend of the times, incorporating boring knowledge into interesting stories and games, using standard Mandarin pronunciation, and original English pronunciation, allowing children to easily integrate into a standard and standardized learning environment. At the same time, fully mobilize the five senses of the human body, realize the all-round super interaction of manual, eye, ear, mouth, and brain, limit the children's enthusiasm for learning, and let the children have a strong interest in books, from "you want to read" "I want to read."

Develop intelligence

Every child is a genius! The child's interest lies in guiding. Click the pen to create a point-and-click learning mode, where to read where to read, develop children's intelligence in all aspects, exercise the brain in games and stories, stimulate children's inner potential, and lead children's curiosity and interest to learning. Supporting a variety of development logic, thinking, observation, imagination, hands-on ability and other potential to develop books, let children take a step faster, win at the starting line!