The mother who doesn't know yet pay attention, the baby should do these things when entering the kindergarten.



When the baby is 3 years old, it can already start to enter the kindergarten for learning. But when the baby enters the kindergarten for the first time, there will certainly be a lot of things that can’t adapt to. The baby may resist entering the kindergarten, which makes parents very troubled.

So, what should your baby do before entering kindergarten? BABYGROW shares some of the best tips for getting your baby ready for kindergarten, so moms can learn!

1. Adjust the baby's schedule


Before the baby is 3 years old, it wants to play to play, wants to sleep to sleep, in the home of the day likes a runaway horse, so the schedule is more irregular. But once the baby enters kindergarten, it needs to maintain a regular work and rest. At this time, mothers should adjust their schedules for their babies.

In the week before the kindergarten starts, mothers can simulate the schedules after the school at home, according to the kindergarten schedule, let the baby get up early, study, exercise, and rest, etc. Let the baby into the state in advance. In this way, after officially entering the kindergarten, it will reduce the baby does not adapt to the situation.

2. Adjust the baby's diet


When the baby is at home, mothers often prepare some lovely shaped rice for the baby to eat, but also tend to prepare the baby more like to eat food. However, in this way, it is easy for the baby to resist the reasonable and scientific diet after entering the kindergarten, causing the baby to be picky.

In order to avoid this situation, mothers should use the time at home, began to prepare a reasonable diet for the baby meat and vegetable collocation, and should let the baby on time for three meals a day intake, after the meal can also be prepared for the baby some fruit after the meal, do nutrition collocation.


Also, try to avoid large fish and meat diets at home, and let the baby eat little or no snacks. Because such a diet is a little greasy and unhealthy, the baby will develop the bad habit of often eating snacks after entering kindergarten.

3. Cultivate baby's self-care ability


Before entering kindergarten, the baby is still less than 3 years old, and it is likely to be over-protected by parents. Parents do everything for the baby, so that the baby is in the protection umbrella of parents, this situation is not conducive to the growth of the baby.

Therefore, let the baby into the kindergarten, it is a kind of exercise for the baby.

At this time, parents should not spoil the baby, can try to let the baby do some small things by themselves. For example, let the baby at dinner to take their own bowls and chopsticks and so on, although it is a small thing, but such a small thing will let the baby's ability to take care of themselves has been greatly improved.

4. Prepare learning tools to enhance the sense of ritual


For a baby who is only 3 years old, the sense of ritual is also very important. When the baby is prepared with pencils, erasers, rulers, notebooks and other fresh stationery, the baby's eyes will be attracted, will feel that going to kindergarten is also a very interesting thing.

In addition to some stationery, mothers can also buy some books for their babies. Books with only words can be too boring for young children to be interested in, so mothers can try Audio books.


An excellent book is not only to let the baby learn, but also to let the baby learn to "learn", " It's better to teach a man fishing than to(give)him(fish)."

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Entering the kindergarten is not only a new starting point for the baby, but also a bridge before entering the primary school, connecting the baby's early childhood and primary school. As long as parents pay attention to it, the baby will be able to enter the kindergarten with a happy mood and grow up happily!