Early education——Babygrow

According to scientific research, children aged 0-8 have the strongest ability to learn languages. They accept new things very quickly. During this period, it is most suitable for babies to learn languages. Self-study is easier to remember than taught by others. The baby strengthens his interest in learning by learning the pinyin of Chinese characters. Our company is now launching the following products to help babies learn new languages and new knowledge better.reading pen,audio books,educational toys, logical training toys for kids,language learning books
It has two languages, Chinese and English, and it contains two books, and a pen. This pen can recognize the content of the book, so that the pen makes a sound. The baby learns according to the sound of the pen, and listens and speaks. The best learning effect. Next, let me introduce our products in detail. The first book is mother goose.
It contains 24 exquisite scene illustrations, 24 classic nursery rhymes, 24 wonderful interactive games, and more than 2,000 built-in sounds. It constantly brings surprises to babies, promotes their interest in reading, and leads them into the field of reading. The sense of Chinese and English language and the rhythm of music. The simple and repetitive rhythms are catchy, which can increase the interest in learning Chinese and English, promote the language development of children, and at the same time understand Chinese culture. Finally, there are interesting interactive games and parent-child interactions, which provide parents with efficient parent-child reading time and create a good language environment for babies.
reading pen,audio books,educational toys, logical training toys for kids,language learning books
The second set is Chinese formative education book set
It contains 20 sets of enlightenment books, such as the Three-character Classic, Di Zi Gui, Ancient Poems, etc., with multiple experiential interactions that can help babies learn Chinese culture, increase their reading interest, develop good habits, and promote independent learning. This one is suitable for 3-6 years old baby. It is still bilingual in Chinese and English, and the reading pen is also a 16G version.
If you are interested in any of the above products, you can contact our company and we will provide the best price for you.In order to your children just contact us.