How to properly train children's logical thinking ability?

1. Respect children's curiosity
Under normal circumstances, after children reach the age of two, they begin to have the ability to think for themselves and become curious about some things in the outside world. When they encounter things they don't understand, they will innocently ask their parents. It was at this time that they became "a hundred thousand why" curious babies.
In this regard, parents should not be bored, but respect their curiosity and inform them of the information they need so that they can begin to understand the logical laws of the world.
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2. Guide the development of children's logical thinking ability
After the child expresses curiosity, parents should guide the child to develop logical thinking ability in all aspects of daily life. for example:
Advanced language expression: In the process of giving answers to children, parents can try to make them more express and guide them to use more accurate words, so as to activate the children's thinking and let the thinking begin to be organized and logical.
Set up questions for children: When the child asks, parents can say half and leave half, guide the children to think and analyze by themselves, and encourage them to think about several possibilities, and it is best not to tell the answer directly.
Pay attention to causality: When the child actively asks or the parent gives advice, you must not only talk about the result, but should pay attention to the causal relationship before and after, so that the child can better understand it, and in this process, it can also be well Exercise and cultivate children's logical thinking ability.
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3. Let the children do what they can independently
If you want to truly exercise your child's logical thinking ability, you must carry out a complete practice and cultivate your child's independence.
Parents should encourage their children to independently accomplish something that is within reach of their abilities, and then help them to retrospect the incident, analyze and summarize the problems that occurred in the process, and find better solutions. That is, in the process of constant trial and error, exercise and strengthen the child's logical thinking ability. Cultivate children’s ability to communicate independently. When others talk to children or ask children some simple questions, parents should never help answer them. Communication is an impromptu response. Quality communication is effective in exercising thinking logic. Method.