How to teach your child early?


The current educational conditions and equipment are very conducive to children's learning. Now, reading the pen and reading the book can play a very good role in children. What's important is that parents need to spend their time creating a good educational environment for their children to get more information about their benign information. Let the children learn in life, benefit from the game, and progress in happiness. As long as the child is interested and guided correctly, the child will benefit.

In the habit cultivation, we must pay attention to the importance of teaching and learning. In life, the way of infecting children from the details affects the child subtly, instead of using forced and preaching. As long as the child is doing something meaningful, or the child is working hard, whether the result is satisfactory or not, it is necessary to appreciate and encourage, so that the child can grow up in a free and unfettered environment and gradually develop confidence in himself.

In normal times, you should pay attention to the random education of your child in life and what to say to your child when you see something. Why do you have long eyes? Why do you have long teeth? Why do you want a nose? Why do you have a long tail... you can talk to your child. Cultivate the spirit of children's love of asking questions and loving observation. At the same time, you can integrate literacy education and second language enlightenment into your life. Put a word card, a wall chart, etc. on the corresponding object at home. Whenever you pass, read it to your child and give it to your child. You can also enjoy classical music and art works for your children... let your children inadvertently receive your education and training.

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