The importance of early education

The brain develops the fastest in 2-3 years after birth. The weight of the brain at birth is 350-400 grams, which is 25% of the weight of the adult brain. At 6 months, it is twice the weight of the brain, accounting for 50% of the weight of the adult brain. %. At the age of 2, the brain weight is three times that of birth, accounting for about 75% of the adult brain weight. At the age of 3, it is close to the adult brain weight, and the growth rate will slow down in the future. The development of the brain is closely related to the external environment and education. Chimpanzees, which are similar to humans, live in the dark within 16 months after birth. Their retinal nerve cells wither a lot, and they cannot recover in a bright environment. The darkness makes them permanently blind. Studies on cats and mice have also proved that if they live in a very monotonous environment after birth, their cerebral cortex shrinks, their brain weight decreases, and the connection between nerve cells decreases.
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As a parent, you don’t need to worry about when this window opens and when it closes. You just need to make sure that your child has a rich growth environment.
Early education can provide children with 5 qualities:
1. The brain is flexible, and both the left and right hemispheres are well developed, which is manifested by quick thinking, rich imagination, and relatively sound and developed brain functions.

2. Have a more toned body, love to play and exercise, and have a good life performance and hygiene habits.
3. Have a wide range of intellectual interests, including games, observation, questioning, expression, thinking, manipulation, literacy, reading, calculation and foreign language learning. There is a strong thirst for knowledge.
4. Have good character qualities, including self-motivated, self-confident, brave, self-care, love to work, friendly, caring, and compassionate.
5. Love beautiful things, including love of music and dance, love of artistic modeling, love of nature and the behavior and language of beautiful things in life.

It has become the consensus of every parent to attach importance to children's early education and promote the development of children's brains. So, how to promote the development of children's brains?
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