Exploring the principle of reading pens, the secret of scientific early education


Exploring the principle of reading pens, the secret of scientific early education The pen reading pen is a new generation of intelligent reading and learning tools developed by the latest international optical image recognition technology and advanced digital voice technology. It embodies the perfect integration of electronic products and education industry, and realizes the concept of technology-oriented people. The point reading pen can realize many functions such as point reading, repeat reading, follow-up, recording, entertainment, and the like.

Reading pens use children to participate in a variety of targeted games and activities, constantly stimulating the senses of touch, sight, hearing and other to enrich their experience, increase their interest, and develop their brains. The reading pen is small and convenient, very portable, and can be used anytime and anywhere. It is the pronunciation of the point, which adds sound to the boring text, makes the content of the book richer, makes reading and learning more interesting, and fully realizes the education. fun.

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One: exquisite design

The shape of the reading pen adopts a cartoon cute shape, which is designed to meet the physiological characteristics of children....

Two: Puzzle game

Develop your child's intelligence and thinking, let the children learn in the game, enjoy it, play more and more fun, play more intelligent, entertaining and entertaining. Game interactions, role-playing, speech recordings, hands-on editing and other interactive methods combine to extend the child's concentration time and help children to increase their willingness and interest in learning.

Three: reading

It only needs to be lightly clicked on the book to accurately pronounce the words, and enhances the situational dialogue while continuing the fun. The included sounds cover the full text reading of the text, grammar and practice answers, and include student books and teacher books. All the matching sounds. Specially designed and designed for point reading, it can meet the diverse and individualized learning needs of English learners. The sound quality is clear and full, beautiful and beautiful, and the reading pen is very sensitive. Who knows who.

Four: Classic music

MP3 function, gently a little, cultivate your child's sentiment.

Five: green

The use of safe and environmentally friendly green materials, non-toxic, odorless, radiation to create a green environment for children to learn.

Six: Children read books as if they were watching animations

Vision, hearing, and touch are parallel. Help the children to practice fluent children's English and Mandarin, and teach children to recognize the color, shape, writing of Chinese characters, Chinese Pinyin, mathematics algorithms and so on. Aristocrats play with pen-reading pen products to enable children to further understand the commonality of the same kind of objects through hands and brains, and to develop children's hands-on ability, situational programming ability, logical thinking ability and integration ability.

Seven: intellectual potential development

Children enjoy the fun of learning English, listening to stories, playing games, listening to music, learning words, and learning Tang poems in the fun of teaching and learning. Fully mobilize the five senses of the child, realize manual, eye, ear, mouth, and brain Super-interaction in orientation, stimulating children's independent learning interests and learning ability. A comprehensive, multi-angle, three-dimensional training of children's imagination, attention, memory, creativity, observation, and the balanced development of thinking.

reading pen,audio books,educational toys, logical training toys for kids,language learning books

The reading pen can be said to be a high-tech learning tool that breaks through traditional thinking. It improves the child's interest in learning and stimulates the development of the right brain by means of where to read where to read, combined with the learning method of listening and speaking. Learning in happiness, absorbing textbook knowledge, and improving academic performance is no longer a problem. And it is small and easy to carry, whether it is at school or outside of class. Reading pens are not toys, nor teaching aids, let children get knowledge in play, and there is no light source. Compared with audio-visual products with screens, the pens have no radiation to the eyes of children, and there is almost no risk of myopia.