What is the significance of puzzle games to children's psychological development?

The educator Krupskaya said: "For children, play is learning, play is labor, and play is an important form of education." Gorky also said: "Play is a way for children to understand and transform the world." . Therefore, games are the driving force for children's intellectual development. It can stimulate children's curiosity and creativity, and enable children to master some knowledge and skills, form a correct attitude towards things, and promote children's all-round development.
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Toddlers are lively, active, and like to imitate, and games generally have specific plots and actions, are highly imitative, fit their age characteristics, and can satisfy their interests and desires.

Active physical exercise is very important for children who are in an important period of growth and development. Parents should allow him to do more outdoor activities, running and jumping, such as "corner", "jumping floor" and other games, which can not only cultivate children's flexibility and wit Quality, more importantly, exercises the body. Older children tend to like to imitate more. When they see a car driving on the road, he will use the bench as a car and start moving when he gets home. Parents should give correct guidance to their children's imitation, and carry out education in a purposeful and planned manner to enrich children's abilities of observation, attention, memory and independent thinking.reading pen,audio books,educational toys, logical training toys for kids,language learning books

In short, parents teach their children to play different games according to their children's different ages and physical and mental characteristics, and they should also take time to play with their children. This will not only make the children happy physically and mentally, but also achieve the effect of developing intelligence and cultivating good morals.