What kind of education should babies 0-8 years old get

Promoting interest
It is impossible for us to expect two or three-year-old babies to study with will and hard work, but as long as the children are interested, they can also focus on an activity for a long time. As long as parents discover their children's interest, they can create many situations that teach children to learn to read and read reading pen,audio books,educational toys, logical training toys for kids,language learning books

My son has liked to watch the weather forecast since he was a child. As soon as the weather forecast came, I focused my attention on following the announcer on the TV. I suddenly thought why not take this opportunity to let him know the names of the cities, so when the forecaster said "Beijing", I pointed to the word "Beijing" on the screen and read it again, so he knew that he read it every day The relationship between the city and the Chinese characters appearing on the screen. reading pen,audio books,educational toys, logical training toys for kids,language learning books

My son is still a car fan. He took him shopping. He danced when he saw the traffic on the road. He muttered: "Tricycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, tractors..." From the time he knew the numbers, his One of his hobbies is to read the license plates on the front and back of the car. This interest helped him to read Arabic numerals fluently early.

We also attach great importance to his hobby, and a "little car fan" my husband bought has become his son's long-loved book. He not only knows the various vehicles above, but also knows the names of the vehicles. Even if they are handwritten on paper, he can read them out fluently, such as "heavy transport truck", "mixer truck", "engineering maintenance truck", and "British Morgan". "Concept car", "Japanese Toyota Coaster mid-size bus" and so on. When walking on the street, my son would often even read the words sprayed on the car body.

However, for storybooks, it depends on whether he is interested that day. I bought some books for my son such as "The Fisherman and His Wife" and "Baby Bedtime Stories". He almost never reads them, but my husband bought him some books with simple pictures and few words. He likes watching "Chubby Bear" and "The Wolf Is Coming" very much. Sometimes I can lie down on the sofa and watch for 40 minutes. If he encounters a word he doesn't know, he asks for help: "Dad read" or "Mother read".


Don't think of books as you think of reading. Teaching materials in reality are everywhere around us, and children are very interested in them. Letting children read the words on various daily necessities can not only cultivate his reading ability, but also help him expand his living space.
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"What are you eating?" Read the words on the packing box with your son. I will let him eat after he can read it. Through this exercise, his son will read "Wangwang Snow Cake" very early. "Pumpkin pie", "Alpine lollipop", "White Rabbit Toffee", "Fuman Duo instant noodles".


Brain knowledge

There are many factors that affect the development of the brain, including genetic factors, nutritional status, family environment, daily experience and physical exercise. In the past, some scientists believed that the development of the brain was determined by genetics. The brain developed into any kind of genes, and the development
process followed a set procedure.
The external environment stimulates our brains through our senses-sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. For the first time the baby smells the smell from the mother’s skin (smell), the father’s deep voice (hearing), the color of a brightly colored toy in the room (sight), or the gentle touch of the warm hand (touch), these feelings Will be transmitted to the brain and jointly shape the formation of brain circuits.
If you think of the child's brain as a house. In the first three years of life, he has 80% of his adult brain size, and he has completed 80% of its house-building projects-huge foundations, bricks and roof beams. The next step is the interior decoration. Buy wires, install switches, and connect the circuits of each room to ensure the normal operation of the house. It's just that the brain's circuits are much more complicated. It is as if we are in a huge galaxy formed by nerve cells, but the connection between these cells has not yet been established. What the brain has to do at this time is to correctly establish the connection of each circuit, let them operate with maximum efficiency, and continuously improve them.


Baby grow

In order to solve the education troubles of mothers, our company has launched an educational electronic product-Talking pen and audio book.

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It can interact with babies, learn new languages, and cultivate children's interest in reading. This pen has 16G of memory and can record what the baby says. Our books are divided into many kinds, including humanities, geography, animals, ballads, daily necessities and so on. Cover your baby's learning in all directions. While cultivating interest, you can also learn new cultures and new languages. Our products also have the game function, which can interact with the baby by voice, which not only reflects the entertainment, but also has the effect of learning. Early education is extremely important for babies, and the quality of education determines a person's later height.